If you are still using the old HTML website, we can convert your site to Joomla CMS site with the help of Drinity experts and make you stay ahead of your competitors. With the Joomla website, you will be able to manage and update the content on website at ease and that too at minimum cost.If your current web host is not supporting php and mysql which is needed for dynamic joomla cms website, we will provide you web space to host your new joomla website. We will also provide you professional suggestion for buying or upgrading the web host to support your joomla website hosting.

Advantages of Joomla Dynamic Website :

  • Being open source tool, it’s easy to change content pages using Joomla 1.5 CMS
  • A new look for your website can be created within a few minutes by using the Joomla templating feature
  • Easy changes of modules as per the need
  • Possible to assign different looks / templates for various pages
  • Using Joomla user management you can provide different users with different privileges
  • You can change the complete look and feel of your website by changing joomla templates


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